The New Leadership Model for 2020

The New Leadership Model for 2020

As markets become more complex and the old, safe assumptions of loyal customers being content with standard products evaporate, the leadership challenge is very much “on” to make a significant contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

Positive leadership will always deliver positive advantage in the market place.

So, where should the focus be?

  • Placing Stakeholders at the heart of the organisation: looking at issues from the point of view of stakeholders when making decisions and seeking their opinions on product and service development.
  • Focusing on Emotion: Unlocking commitment and creativity by really sharpening Emotional Intelligence practices, especially around compassion, humility and openness.
  • Sharing and communicating your Mission and Purpose: making sure that everyone’s focus falls upon Your Mission and Purpose and if staff do not know the content of them then the leadership of the organisation is sadly lacking.
  • Harnessing Technology and Innovation to drive forward: taking advantage of innovation through emerging technology.
  • Delivering a true Learning Organisation: investing time, energy and cost in Learning and Development, looking at new market demands and using these, not just spending the Training budget on traditional areas of up-skilling staff.

Old traditional management has gone, New Leadership has arrived.

Good Luck!

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