RAG Rating Made Simple

RAG Rating Made Simple

Status Definition Action required
Red A situation requiring immediate action and attention which will seriously impact upon the project/organisation. Large potential for major disruption. Immediate action to avoid disaster.
Amber Critical but not urgent. Problem has been identified and is being dealt with. May also include a situation where it is being monitored before any action or decisions are made. Action is ongoing but is being closely examined.
Green Not critical and not urgent. Progress is as expected with no concerns raised. No action is required.

A RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report is a practical tool for assessing the status of a project or activity that you are managing.

This traffic light approach indicates the urgency and criticality of the different elements which make up the project or activity and which could potentially threaten the overall success of the programme. A status of Red, Amber or Green should be assigned to each component, with appropriate recommendations and/or actions put in place where threats are identified and where Risk needs to be both assessed and managed down or mitigated.

The RAG report highlights what is on target, as well as emphasising slippages.

How can this help me?

This model can be used and adapted to any scenario where progress is being monitored. As well as being a useful tool for project management it can also be helpful for monitoring a range of different issues including your own personal development, where the areas needed to achieve your own personal development can be identified and assessed, and the way in which threats to the organisation can be acknowledged and evaluated.

Good Luck!

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