Managerial Self Awareness – You’ve Got This!

Managerial Self Awareness – You’ve Got This!

To be a great manager and leader of staff you need to develop many skills as quickly as possible including emotional intelligence, delivering excellent feedback to your staff, influencing staff, managing your manager and much more.

The hardest skill is, and always has been, developing the skill of self-awareness which can be achieved in the following ways through constant vigilance and real humility:

  1. Embrace learning every day.

No manager has seen it all. There will always be new situations, planned and unplanned changes in circumstances and variations in the amount of pressure you are facing. The trick here is to have a growth mindset so that any weakness you have can be overcome through effort and learning.

  1. Practice humility.

Being overconfident is a dangerous game to play and you will always be exposed, even if this takes some time to happen, when the fall is that much harder. It is essential to deal with people the way that you would want to be managed so it is essential to recognise that you are totally responsible for everything that happens on your team, good or bad.

  1. Accepting responsibility and doing something about it.

When you see a problem and start with yourself, it changes everything: being professional and being willing to own up to your mistakes means your team will be more willing to believe in you as their leader.

  1. Look for feedback at every opportunity and look for different perspectives.

Get a critical review of how you are managing and where you can improve. If you are too close to issues and problems, you immediately lose your self-awareness and become wrapped up in the issue.

Fire-fighting is the worst part of reactive management mode where self-awareness has totally evaporated. Always ask lots of questions and look for solutions faster.

  1. Take time to reflect regularly

The more intentional you become about improving your self-awareness, the better you will become at it. Reflecting upon what went well, and probably more importantly, what did not work well stands you in good stead to help you improve further.

Always remember that self-awareness is a never-ending journey and that we can always improve.

Good Luck!

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