Management Communication – You’ve Got This!

Management Communication – You’ve Got This!

Communication is a key management skill and an area that many managers fail to get a grip of in terms of their impact, effectiveness and efficiency of delivery in achieving goals.

Three simple but highly effective techniques to use in your communication style outlined below, each of which will help you I getting the message across:

The Arrow

  • Communication operates one way, as in firing an arrow
  • Arrow managers typically spend some time working out their ideas and making sure that their messages are clear and concise
  • An issue is that it can be problematic to see listeners as simply passive processors of information
  • Good technique when there is little time for debate and discussion, but it is difficult to construct messages which are absolutely unambiguous

The Circuit

  • Communication as a two-way process, emphasising the importance of feedback
  • Managers usually stress the importance of good listening and trust in relationships but can overemphasise agreement and fail to see real differences in views
  • May assume that disagreement is simply a matter of poor communication and that more communication will almost automatically lead to agreement

The Dance

  • The metaphor of Dance is the most appropriate way of describing communication as it involves two parties who are committed to collaboration
  • This means communicating, and working, in collaboration with all concerned where co-ordination of effort and application is a shared process.

Always remember that communication messages have a huge impact upon working relationships and this can last a very long time and create long-held grievances and bad feeling – all the more important therefore to think very carefully about how you use communication.

Good Luck!

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