What Are The Main Objectives For ANY Manager?

What Are The Main Objectives For ANY Manager?

There are many different views about what a Manager should do, where their focus should rest and how their output should be measured.

Whatever is written, Management Objectives boil down to the following:

  1. Getting Maximum Results with Minimum Efforts – This is the primary Objective, using human, material and financial resources in such a manner to deliver the best balance for any one particular task. The combination of the three resources should reduce costs and increase output.
  2. Increasing the Efficiency of the Factors of Production – Using Land, Labour, Capital, Technology and Innovation to increase production, operational efficiency and reducing waste. This will ensure that time is not wasted, effort is not duplicated and money is used wisely.
  3. Maximising prosperity for the organisation and its employees – The smooth and coordinated functioning of the enterprise is essential to keep generating profit, where everyone benefits.
  4. Contributing to the wider goals of society – Management should contribute to the wider economic and social growth of the communities it serves. Increased productivity means more profits and better standards of living for society.

Keep the Objectives uppermost in your mind and you will be on the right path to success.

Good Luck!

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