How Managers Develop Trust

How Managers Develop Trust

No manager should ever just rely upon their formal authority to influence others around them and to do so shows someone who lacks social skills, patience and a healthy view of those around them.

Influence is built upon trust which is measured in the confidence people have that you will do the right thing.

Trust from your staff is built upon two key factors – their belief in your competence and their faith in your character.  If staff consider that you are competent at your job they think you know what to do and how to do it. You do not need to be the most knowledgeable on a particular topic (you have specialist staff for that!) but you do need to know enough to make good decisions, exercise sound judgment, set proper priorities, and move work forward.

Staff will believe in your character when they understand and have confidence in your intentions, your values and standards, what you truly care about, and your emotional maturity. Competence alone will not get you far if your staff do not have confidence in you.

If your staff trust you then they will be keen to care about their tasks and a commitment to doing their tasks well. Authority and power will never achieve this.

If your staff do not trust you then almost nothing else you do or say will matter.

Starting to be an effective manager and leader begins with your staff’s belief in your competence and character.

Good Luck!

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