How To Critically Assess Training Programmes And Events

How To Critically Assess Training Programmes And Events

You alone are responsible for your own Training and Development, and as a manager this is an important part of your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

You also have a responsibility to develop your staff as this is a vitally important part of ensuring that their skills and competences are as up to date as possible.

So, when considering either enrolling yourself, or your staff, on a training programme, some sharp questions need to be asked to make sure that the effort of attending, and the cost, is worthwhile.

Seek out the answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the training have some form of qualification/part-qualification/accreditation attached to it? As an absolute minimum does attendance gain a detailed Certificate detailing content and learning?
  2. Is there a clear Aim stated and does this match into the development of relevant skills and competences needed for the job role?
  3. Are there clear Objectives stated? (Objectives are the knowledge, skills or competences that those attending should gain from the training – these should be capable of being measured).
  4. What will delegates be able to do during and after the course as a measure of success?
  5. What are the Induction arrangements? How are the skills, knowledge and competences of those attending measured at the start of the training?
  6. If the training takes place overt a number of different sessions or a long time period, how are learners informed about their progress? How can learners check on their progress and skills/knowledge/competence development?
  7. How often is feedback on progress organised and how is it delivered?
  8. As the training is delivered, does feedback tell you how to improve your performance?
  9. How are you and your staff, as learners, involved in setting measurable targets?
  10. What information do you have regarding the professional experience, knowledge and skills of those delivering the training?

Far too much expenditure is spent on training and development programmes that fail to link into business objectives, planned organisational growth or organisational development.

Ask lots of questions to get the best financial return from your Training Spend.

Good Luck!

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