The Two Management Pillars of Exploration and Exploitation

The Two Management Pillars of Exploration and Exploitation

The management challenge is all about developing the following two skills, both in terms of the way in which you run your area of responsibility and in how you manage yourself:

  1. Being capable of EXPLORATION by exploring, developing and delivering flexible ways of working where the capability and capacity to take risks are central. Far too many organisations, and managers, are not willing to wait for a return on any investment – exploration is all about recognising that change and progress comes slowly, so the need to be patient is a cornerstone of success.
  2. Being capable of EXPLOITATION by creating and deploying efficient, effective, repeatable, rigorous and quality-based processes within the workplace so that orders are fulfilled on time, every time and that customer loyalty is cherished and developed accordingly.

A truly effective organisation, and management style, is a two-headed beast operating teams with very different characteristics, with different types of staff and vision, shared between them.

Here the focus should always be upon incremental innovation and radical innovation – work systematically for both!

Good Luck!

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