Why Are Social Skills So Important In Management?

Why Are Social Skills So Important In Management?

While the advance of technology, the sea of data organisations are swimming in and the threat of automation, let alone pressures from the global economy, faltering economic performance in both the USA and China and increasingly demanding customers is not enough, managers are required to deliver outstanding performance from their Human Capital!

The hard tools of data manipulation and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are only one basic means by which to deliver outstanding results – strong emphasis still needs to be placed upon the social skills of coordination, negotiation, persuasion and social perceptiveness to engage and enthuse all staff, especially those employed to deal with customers.

The management job is all about the skilful and careful use of these social skills to get tasks completed where the application of the cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence are used to assess and work with the emotional state and approach of those around you.

As management is a fluid and constantly evolving art form, with complex and fast-paced change drivers, the social skills of the manager in getting change embedded and working in their systems are essential, especially around identifying and solving problems as they come along and interpreting and clarifying corporate goals so that everyone understands the direction of organisational travel.

Good verbal skills are also highly important in putting some much needed flesh onto the bare bones of the organisation’s strategy, especially where the productive work is taking place. This helps to break through the many layers of data and figures that often clog up and prevent meaningful activity from taking place. The social skills of the manager allows the team and individuals to see data as something that they can recognise which then creates greater involvement, motivation and a strong corporate and community spirit.

Good management is all about pairing analytical ability with high functioning social skills to engage and inspire staff groups and individuals. Have you got this balance right?

Good Luck!

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