How To Cut Monday Down To Size

How To Cut Monday Down To Size

Try using the following 10 Personal Management Principles to get to grips with a difficult Monday and cut it down to size!

  1. Never, ever accept anything at first hand: always question and look beneath what you are faced with so that you fully understand what is going on.
  2. Critically assess the motives of those around you – things are seldom as they seem, people play roles and use a whole range of techniques and strategies to get what they want.
  3. Information that you receive is never full of all of the detail that you need and there will always be a “spin” on the message, its contents and how the message is structured.
  4. Orders that you receive, however communicated and structured have to be followed. Management is all about following through on instructions received even if you disagree or which you do not like. The Chain of Command is sacrosanct!
  5. People will amaze and inspire you but, ultimately, you need to be on your guard at all times. It is not possible to supervise and look a t the performance of your Team all of the time – be prepared for unexpected surprises.
  6. You cannot get it right all of the time! You will make mistakes, there will be times when you have imperfect data, knowledge and information and when there are no precedents or base knowledge to draw upon. When this happens, learn from the experience and value it!
  7. Quality is King! Quality in terms of outputs and is critically important and never goes away so you should be looking to increase quality at every opportunity, even if you are not asked to do so.
  8. Customer satisfaction is always at the heart of what you are doing as without this you have no worthwhile function to deliver or be measured against.
  9. Time is the biggest factor in holding you back in the job: you cannot make time to deliver your goals but you can always manage it better to achieve your goals.
  10. Be super-organised. People around you at all levels will judge you on how you present yourself, how you complete tasks and how you keep numerous plates spinning so expect this and plan for it!

Good Luck!

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