How To Be More Motivated

How To Be More Motivated

  1. Recognise that there are many things to be grateful for. You have achieved many different things and accomplished difficult and challenging tasks so you know that you have skills and behaviours that those around you value. This mindset is your key to further success.
  2. Choose to do one task that you know will motivate you. Getting a quick win will give you some momentum to tackle the bigger challenges ahead and this will also sharpen up your thinking and outlook. Success is calling you!
  3. Reward yourself with small things that give you the feeling of success. This does not have to be a Rolex or a new car but just something that you really like that is inexpensive. It sounds simplistic but getting a quality coffee or a specialist tea to drink are small rewards, but remember small rewards will push you to get stuck into bigger, more challenging tasks and projects.
  4. Only you can motivate you! You are your own source of positivity and growth which is a resource specific only to you. Real motivational power and drive always comes from within.
  5. Take control. Control what is going on around you, rather than being controlled by external forces and drives that you just submit to. Some things you have to follow, these are unavoidable, BUT you can change others, including your attitude to what is going on.

We all need a little push from time to time but being motivated is a quick step towards personal success.

Good Luck!

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