How To Use Direct Language

How To Use Direct Language

How many times are you frustrated because the instruction that you so carefully prepared and mapped out in your head has not been carried out in the way that you wanted?

This means having to have the conversation yet again, meanwhile the clock is ticking and other things now need your attention.

Very frustrating!

What has gone wrong here is that you have not used the Manager’s Friend – the use of Direct Language to establish carefully and systematically exactly what you need to say.

Direct language is easy to master if you follow the steps below:

  1. Set the scene and make it very clear what you want to discuss at the start of the conversation. “I need to discuss where we are against the targets in the Business Plan”. This is simple but highly effective.
  2. Make your points clearly and briefly, using simple words that have only one meaning. Keep your choice of words at basic level and never use unnecessary, complicated word that confuse or muddle the content of the message.
  3. Use “I” statements that show you are taking responsibility, making your position clear and unambiguous – “I feel that ….” , “I think that ….”.
  4. Use repetition to put emphasis on the points that you are making. This can be done skilfully by using different words but with the same basic meaning, remembering that we all need to hear things several times before the message really sinks in.

Good Luck!

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