How To Listen As A Manager

How To Listen As A Manager

Listening is a skill that few people get to master yet it is critically important in making the right decisions and in getting your point across.

It is not good enough to assume that our message has been received and we, for our part, need to be skilled at the listening process so as not to miss essential nuggets of information that are important in getting tasks completed to the right standard and at the right time.

The following Listening Checklist will help you to become a skilled Listener:

  1. Show interest through eye contact with the other person: this expresses openness, honesty and trust while keeping your own concentration and encourages the speaker to be open and clear.
  2. Show interest through your body language – nodding and encouraging the speaker by leaning towards them.
  3. Show interest and enthusiasm by using a reflective or questioning tone of voice.
  4. Show interest and check your understanding by carefully and regularly clarifying, paraphrasing and summarising what the speaker has said.
  5. Listen for feelings as well as facts – what does the speaker’s body language tell you about the content of the message? Does their body language seem at odds with what they are saying? The tone of their voice is particularly important here, showing just how much they are committed to the content of the message.
  6. Avoid barriers to the conversation by removing any pre-conceived ideas from your mind – it is important to be open-minded and receptive to what is being said so that you can arrive at a firm conclusion about the content of the message.

Good Luck!

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