How To Increase Your Personal Effectiveness

How To Increase Your Personal Effectiveness

Managers that are good at their jobs are skilled in recognising where they can consistently work towards becoming more effective – this is vitally important because the workplace is becoming progressively more demanding, time is a resource in short supply, the demands of the customer are increasing and the need to deliver quickly to beat the competition is ever-present.

Self-review is essential here, so being brutally honest about the areas below is an excellent starting point to begin a more productive, and effective, approach towards becoming a better Manager.

  1. Awareness: assess and evaluate your strengths, habits, likes/dislikes and your degree of personal motivation to improve in critical areas of your performance.
  2. Information: gather performance data on the tasks that you regularly complete, where interruptions to your work flow come from, how much time you spend on different tasks and how your energy levels and motivation fluctuate over the day. Are you, for instance, a Morning or Afternoon person?
  3. Analysis: use the Information above to uncover any habits that hinder your effectiveness, identify what plans you can create to improve your effectiveness in completing tasks and what are the best tools to get you there.
  4. Flexibility: the best way to improve what you do, and how you do it, is to make sure that you are always flexible in your approach to tasks and goals. Try new methods, adapt the techniques that you already have in different ways and be flexible when dealing with others. Patterns of behaviour and assumptions about others should always be challenged, especially if there are improvements that can come from the process.

Once you have tried the pointers above critically review their use and the results generated, remembering that continually making adjustments will sharpen up your effectiveness in the workplace.

Good Luck!

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