How To Get Your Desk Organised

How To Get Your Desk Organised

Desk clutter is the enemy of effective and efficient management and you can tell a lot about a manager from their desk. Clutter means disorganisation, lost time searching for documents, ineffective and prolonged responses to requests and general untidiness.

Many organisations adopt a Clear Desk Policy at the close of business and all staff follow this BUT many will just put all of the clutter into a drawer or cabinet, only to take out the same clutter the next day and start the whole disorganised process again!

To stop this in its tracks effective and efficient managers follow the RAFT technique to save time, effort and stress in completing tasks.

The RAFT technique involves following 4 Steps as soon as anything lands on their desk:

  1. Refer: delegate or pass this straight away onto someone else, having a clear view in mind of colleagues or contacts that can pick up this piece of work.
  2. Action: do it immediately, or at least fit this into a priority sequence that you are using, weighing up its importance and urgency against other tasks or items. You are prioritising, aren’t you?
  3. File: immediately file it for future action or reference. Make sure you have an effective Filing system to support your work!
  4. Throw: throw the document away immediately. It is a time trap, it will serve you no purpose and will clog up your working system.

It is often the build up of items to delegate, action or file that takes up desk space and mind space so action these items the minute they land.

Apply the RAFT techniques systematically and then refine it to meet the demands of your workplace and the approach you need to take to get a clear desk.

Good Luck!

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