Management Pitfalls To Avoid At ALL Costs

Management Pitfalls To Avoid At ALL Costs

The management job is not easy, otherwise everyone would be a successful manager. The tasks and responsibility are demanding with many skills and competences to master, so your attention needs to focus upon what will make you successful.

While having a vision of what success looks like, and how to get there, several potential Pitfalls are common to all managers and should be avoided at all costs.

These are:

  1. Ignoring Risk: only the plain incompetent manager would soldier on with tasks and effort while not assessing the degree of risk that this creates. Achieving a goal or objective is always good, but not if the risk of doing so would put the wider organisation in a dangerous position.
  2. Working in silos without developing a strong support network: management is a collaborative game and teamwork is essential for success both in terms of managing your team, but also in terms of being part of a wider managerial team. Stress, pressure and concerns are all things that should be shared amongst your peers in a supportive and caring environment so that the best possible results are generated for the benefit of all.
  3. Blaming others when you make mistakes: this is very poor management indeed. Face up to your errors and learn from them, remembering that no one who ever had a management job did not make big mistakes. Mistakes are good if you learn from them and do not make the same mistake again.
  4. Promoting a Blame Culture: supporting, or even worse, generating a culture of blame where employees are afraid to admit their mistakes. This creates a poisonous atmosphere of mistrust and uncertainty, leading to low morale, high staff turnover and poor-quality outputs for the organisation.
  5. Failing to learn from past mistakes: repeating the same errors and having the same issues of resolving the issue again and again. This is prime failure activity adding cost but no value.
  6. Being obsessed with the past: past successes and past failures are in the past, they will not necessarily come along again and it is always a negative step to focus upon the past rather then on the present, where real progress can be delivered.

Your success will always be as much about what you do well as how you avoid pitfalls that will threaten and undermine your achievements.

Good Luck!

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