New Rules For Success On Monday

New Rules For Success On Monday

Being successful is not an easy path, nor does success just come along and knock on your door.

What is needed to be successful is to have a strategy, with clearly defined sections and goals attached, and to be able to stick to it.

Your Strategy should include the following to maximise your chances of fulfilling your goals:

  • Set some very well-defined goals that are achievable in the short and hopefully medium term. This will give you some direction and a sense of purpose BUT make them attainable so that you can generate some quick wins and deliver some momentum for you.
  • Use the Pareto 80/20 principle in establishing your priorities: put simply, 80% of your effort needs to be focused upon only 20% of your goals (as these goals will deliver the most in terms of progress, recognition and success).
  • Identify what you can delegate and, once this has been done, delegate them! You do not have the time to be doing work that other people can be doing, thereby giving you more time to spend on the things that you should be working on which will bring you success and recognition. No tasks that you should delegate will ever add to your skill set or help you to achieve your big goals or targets.
  • Prioritise what is importantand then just focus upon that.
  • Set up a Daily and Weekly Planner to identify what you need to deliver, by exactly when and by setting out what chunks of time you will purposely allocate to get this work done. Once designed and set up, unless there are unexpected crises, stick to the plan.
  • Arrange your work around your own energy levels: if you work best in the morning set aside this time for dealing with the important tasks you have identified, leaving the afternoon fort tasks that require less thought or input.
  • Say NO on a regular basis. Successful people, in all walks of life or professions, are successful because they have the knowledge that taking on too much prevents them from achieving and completingwhat they need to do, rather than being too busy to do any one set of tasks well.

Keep refining the skills above to work to deliver what will bring you success.

Good uck!

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