How Can I Improve My Management Skills?

How Can I Improve My Management Skills?

Experienced managers understand that success in the workplace is built upon how they present themselves in any number of different situations.

Staff will always be looking to see what their management is doing and how decisions are being made. As such you are always in the spotlight and your style and approach is constantly being assessed and evaluated, so you will need to work consistently and carefully to refine and develop the skills bas that you already have.

Always remember that you have your own set of these skills that make you a unique manager BUT there are some Golden Rules that can be the difference between success and failure when dealing with individuals and teams alike.

Successful managers consistently have an outlook that focuses upon the following three Golden Rules:

  1. Being a Role Model for their staff: displaying the behaviours and attributes that they tell their teams to exhibit and practice. If you deliver what is needed then your staff will follow with actions and outputs that you need. Be what you say that you want from others.
  2. Leading Proactively: being clear where the team are going and what they expect their team to do to get to that position or level of performance. This can either be leading from the front or leading from the back, depending on your style and the status of the team itself – either way being positive, setting a clear direction and monitoring performance are essential strategies here.
  3. Reacting Instantly to changes and deviations from the plan: successful managers will step into the action, especially where individual behaviour falls below what is expected. This is an essential process because to do nothing in these circumstances is to endorse poor performance, behaviours and attitudes, something that will then become the norm for other members of that team. No successful manager EVER let poor performance take its course so that objectives and targets were missed but plenty of weak managers did and still do! Make sure this is not you!

Good Luck!

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