Three Key Leadership Communication Skills

Three Key Leadership Communication Skills

Experienced managers understand how communication works – it is not about the verbal and non-verbal messages that they use it is as much about how they present themselves in any number of different situations.

As with all things management there is a large degree of inter connectivity between different skills and behaviours and communication is no exception, linking intimately with leadership and management style.

Successful managers consistently show the following skills that link communication to leadership:

  1. Being a Role Model for their staff: displaying the behaviours and attributes that they tell their teams to exhibit and practice.
  2. Leading Proactively: being clear where the team are going and what they expect their team to do to get to that position or level of performance.
  3. Reacting Instantly to changes and deviations from the plan: successful managers will step into the action, especially where individual behaviour falls below what is expected. This is an essential process because to do nothing in these circumstances is to endorse poor performance, behaviours and attitudes, something that will then become the norm for other members of that team.

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