Management Skills That Guarantee Success

Management Skills That Guarantee Success

The managers who succeed and progress have a range of skills and behaviours that they have worked hard to develop and use to progress their careers. These skills and behaviours are always built around the following areas:

  • Honesty: being totally clear and reliable in their approach, whatever the situation and however tempting it might be to be otherwise.
  • Integrity: acting in the best way, reflecting the organisation and their position, and behaving in a manner that is above reproach and criticism.
  • Working Hard: success is something that never just comes along like the next Bus – it has to be worked for and sacrifices need to be made.
  • Being nice: successful people can, and should, be pleasant to work with and work for! The manager who inspires fear and who makes colleagues feel uncomfortable may well have some success but this is seldom a long-term approach and performance will be only what they can intimidate staff to do.
  • Being excellent at what you do: the importance of really understanding what you are doing and how this is measured by all stakeholders. Success rarely comes to those who just dabble and who have limited skill base from which to work from.
  • Exceeding expectations: finding out what the customer for your product or service (remembering that customers can be both internal and external) wants and then setting up systems that exceed those expectations. The more you can exceed expectations the more likely it is that your customers will remain loyal, a key factor in how your performance is judged.
  • Being generous with your time and knowledge: being there to provide assistance and support for those who need it. It is definitely true that managers who are charitable with their time and expertise will have this repaid by those who they have helped, often at a time when that help is very much needed.
  • Having a good sense of humour: management is a challenge and those who can offer humour and a sense of reality in difficult situations are highly regarded in all organisations. Also a good, honest sense of humour is an attractive feature for staff who will be drawn to someone who is good to be around.

Think carefully how you might use the points above to help you chart your own path to personal success.

Good Luck!

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