What Are My Rights As A Manager?

As part of the role I have the following Rights:

  • To express opinions/values and have them listened to
  • To express feelings and have them listened to
  • To express needs and have them listened to
  • To ask for what I want
  • To refuse an unreasonable request
  • To expect work of a certain standards from others
  • To constructively criticise other’s performance where appropriate
  • To ask for information when needed
  • To make choices based on my needs
  • To have needs and wants that are different from those of others
  • To know what is expected of me
  • To receive honest, constructive and regular feedback on my work and performance
  • To be praised and thanked for doing a good job
  • To be informed and consulted about decisions that affect me
  • To take decisions that are within my area of work
  • Not to be pre-judged or treated unfairly
  • To be treated with respect
  • To make mistakes sometimes
  • To choose the time and place to deal with an issue
  • To choose not to be assertive

The above Rights should feature in everything that you do and should be in your mind when setting tasks and directing the actions of those in your Team.

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