Management Success – Using The 3 Rs Of Management

Management Success – Using The 3 Rs Of Management

Management is all about having a personal style that gets you results – the most important factor in your career is how you interact and conduct yourself with those around you.

This can be achieved by following the 3 Rs as below:

  1. Respectful – management is a social process and successful people respect those around them, however challenging and difficult this might be in reality. Always remember that your staff and your colleagues have long memories of situations where your respectfulness towards them was even slightly called into question.
  2. Ready to learn – you cannot know everything and there will always be times when your knowledge will be called into doubt. Embrace each and every learning opportunity, from the formal training events you attend to the everyday issues and problems that you face.
  3. Responsible – own what you do and never push failure onto other people. Accepting praise and recognition from success is easy but what is not so easy is stepping up and owning failure and issues that have not gone so well is part of the job. Owning failure, and learning from it, will earn you the respect of your staff and colleagues.

Think carefully and regularly about the 3Rs for yourself and also use this as a template for your staff and encourage their development.

Good Luck!

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