What Type Of Manager Are You?

What Type Of Manager Are You?

Managers come in many different shapes and sizes but there are a number of managerial types that can be found in any organisation – if you recognise yourself as one of the profiles below you can then learn to use your style preferences to best effect.

  1. The Expert Manager: striving for professional and technical perfection. The main motive here is that of wanting to be capable accompanied by a strong desire to follow procedures and systems which can lead to an overly-bureaucratic approach to tasks. Delegation is a strong feature of this style, making decisions quickly and is always seeking efficiency above all else.
  2. The Helpful Manager: striving for a strong team spirit and a sense of unity. The driving force in this style is the need for belonging within the body of the organisation, supporting and assisting people in their tasks and their development. With strong ideals this style of delivery is all about co-operation and will always look for the positive in staff and teams. There is a danger here that staff become over-reliant on the manager and that difficult decisions are avoided whenever possible.
  3. The Protective Manager: running individuals and teams in such a way that they need to be protected from the activities of the organisation itself. Their strongest motivation is to survive and they seek out loyalty and openness from staff, spending large amounts of time coaching and removing any obstacles that staff are faced with. There is a strong desire to remove or avoid any form of conflict and will see their team and themselves as separate from the rest of the wider business.
  4. The Entrepreneurial Manager: striving for trying out new ideas and processes or revising and refreshing existing methods of delivery. The focus here is seeing the wider organisation as something to be played with while new ideas are developed and fine-tuned – if this is denied to them, or is impossible, this managerial type will quickly leave the organisation. Having strong vision and enthusiasm, the Entrepreneurial Manager thinks holistically but is prone to manipulation and intolerance, often imposing their views onto others.
  5. The Developing Manager: facilitation and delivering new challenges and experiences for their staff is vitally important to this approach. Good at building motivated teams and with a real interest in what the organisation is trying to achieve their delivery can be inconsistent and uncertain as the focus is upon staff growth which may be at odds with the direction of travel within the organisation.

It is very likely that some characteristics of the different Manager types are seen in your style, or equally likely, you may identify with one type more than any of the other. Whichever is the case it is important to self-assess your style, approach and performance and then adjust your delivery methods accordingly.

Good Luck!

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