How To Design And Deliver A Customer Charter

How To Design And Deliver A Customer Charter

All organisations claim to be customer-focused but, frequently, this lacks commitment and involvement by all of the staff in the organisation.

One effective remedy to this situation is to develop a Customer Charter and publicise the document internally, making sure that this is then woven into the culture of the organisation through Induction, Supervisions and Appraisals, Communication (both internal and external), Quality procedures, Sales and Marketing Strategies.

A template for an effective Customer Charter could usefully contain the following three sections, all of which are measurable and capable of being set as Benchmarks or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Make it happen: recognising that the entire purpose of the organisation’s activities is to meet customer needs

  • Getting things right first time
  • Listening and responding to the customer however difficult or challenging this may be
  • Making sure that the quality of what is delivered is what the customer needs
  • Delivering products and services in a timely and effective way

Make it easy: are products and services easy to purchase, however they are being delivered

  • Treating each customer as a unique individual with unique needs and requests
  • Providing information and advice in an effective and efficient way
  • Treating customer information and details with total respect and privacy

Make it better: continually improving products and services by using customer feedback, building systematically on what we do well

  • Making information available in a number of different formats to assist the customer at all stages of the process
  • Using customer feedback to improve and update our systems, processes and offer
  • Managing all parts of the organisation as one to deliver customer delight

Customer Charters bring together all parts of the organisation and put a real focus upon the vital need to retain and manage your customers.

Good Luck!

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