Two Excellent Business Review Questions – All About How Your Organisation Flows

Two Excellent Business Review Questions – All About How Your Organisation Flows

How effective and efficient is your organisation or department at getting things done?

Organisations or departments that are successful manage the flow of work or activity in such a way that objectives are met systematically and methodically – this is all about managing what is known as the Flow within the operational system.

Put simply, finding and critically assessing the Flow within either the whole organisation, or any sub-system within it, is vital in establishing and delivering excellence.

Try looking at the two following Flow Review Questions:

  1. What does the full journey, end-to-end, look and feel like? What is the actual experience of the person/customer that the company is serving? Which processes are occurring throughout and across the organisation? How can technology help?

This is about having a detailed, holistic view of what is happening and what the customer is experiencing, NOT looking at individual processes/departments within that big picture

The Holistic approach of the Flow of the processes and sub-routines will engage all of the component parts of the output.

  1. How strong is your focus upon the goal? How is your outcome measured?

Think carefully and systematically about the exact purpose of each activity in your system, then establish how can things be changed to better facilitate the ultimate goal, involving your customer in this process.

Managers and organisations need not do this process of course, especially if the questions are hard to ask and the answers generated even harder to deal with – but then having an effective and efficient system and method of working is only an option and is not compulsory.

Good Luck!

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