How Do I Assess My Own Performance?

How Do I Assess My Own Performance?

Typically organisations will invest time and resources into a formal Appraisal system and, if you are lucky, some form of regular (even irregular) supervision or 1:1 process which might address your personal needs in the job mixed in with a  clumsy assessment and analysis of your performance outputs.

All a bit haphazard, really.

Any manager worth their salt will be looking at self-review to check out performance against targets just to ensure that they are comfortable with what they are delivering, ahead of any organisational process which may, or may not, be in place.

I recently worked with a Recruitment Agency where their operational Branch Managers got a quick Annual Appraisal and nothing else by way of feedback other than them NOT receiving feedback because, presumably, numbers were good and there had been no complaints!

More than a little unsatisfactory and very demotivating.

We can all come up with a way to measure our effectiveness but a very strong metric can be taken from Organisational Theory and applied to our own, and others, performance:

  1. Is what I am doing Sustainable? Can my methods continue in the way I am currently working and what will I need to do to modify this approach going forward? What options do I have to change and improve the way I am managing my resources (staff, infrastructure, budgets, information)? More worryingly am I managing in a way that I know to be unsustainable, and therefore unreliable, but this has not been spotted by the organisation yet?
  2. Am I operating in an Accountable manner? Do I fully recognise the impact of what I am doing and the way in which I am delivering my outputs to those around me and to the wider organisation? Am I reporting correctly what I am doing or am I being deliberately vague in what I am declaring? Is what I do and produce relevant, is it reliable, free from bias and does it allow for consistency over time and between different departments?
  3. Is what I am doing Transparent? Is my reporting honest and not distorted to reflect my own best position? Transparent management flows directly from Sustainability and Accountability and is totally about being responsible for our actions as a manager.

The above three points pose difficult questions but ultimately are a quick and sharp way of assessing how we are managing and where things are going.

Good Luck!

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