Making Monday Less Stressful And More Successful

Making Monday Less Stressful And More Successful

Monday will always be a challenge and possibly something to be feared UNLESS you grab the issues facing you and turn them in your favour.

The first and most important task here is to accurately identify exactly what it is you need to get better at. This can be boiled down into the three most important competencies that you need to use to deal with the problems that Monday brings with it.

This includes thinking about the skills, knowledge and practical attributes that you need to develop. This can be built around working on the 5 Key management performance areas that every manager has to master, namely:

  1. Managing People – your staff, giving direction, setting goals, appraising and motivating both individuals and teams.
  2. Managing Operations – running systems and procedures that are set up to meet performance targets and objectives.
  3. Managing Information – dealing with information that comes from staff more senior to yourself and from staff junior to yourself. The skill of “gatekeeping” exactly what information you decide to retain and which you pass on.
  4. Managing Resources – this can include budgetary control but also includes how you direct and allocate work to your human resources.
  5. Managing Yourself – how organised you are at getting tasks completed, your failure rate in not completing tasks given to you, how you present yourself to other colleagues and how effective and efficient you are.

By looking at the above you will have a clear path to focus upon to put some scale upon the issues that the new working week will bring.

Good Luck!

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