Your Monday Morning Operational Management Review

Your Monday Morning Operational Management Review

Let’s do something different this week and try to get away from some of the mess, crisis and uncertainty you have experienced last week.

While it is certainly true that you cannot wave a magic wand and make things better instantly, there are some simple steps and review questions that you CAN do very quickly which will have a positive impact upon how this week will shape up!

Try asking yourself the following questions, being honest and frank with your answers because if you are not then all you are doing is just letting things carry on the way they always have been!

Question 1 – Is everyone in your team in the right role?

Get the right people focused onto the right tasks for them.  on the bus and make sure they are in the right roles. This means that all talent acquisition and retention strategies have to be aligned with meeting company goals.

Question 2 – Have your staff been given the right training to do their tasks?

There can never be a successful organisation that does not think about the skills and competences that their staff need. This is also true of each individual manager when leading a Team. This is all about giving staff and Teams alike the opportunity to grow into the business whilst simultaneously working hard to remove obstacles facing both individuals and teams.

Question 3 – Are you providing meaningful and satisfying work?

Engaged employees are doing meaningful work and have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the organisational mission, purpose and strategic objectives. To do this they must be in the right role. where they are able to make such contributions, otherwise effort will be expanded which delivers no benefit or positive result.

Question 4 – Are you having regular and systematically planned supervisions with your staff?

Never sit back and just rely upon a six month/twelve-month Formal Review as the way in which you engage with your staff. Staff need and want regular feedback on their performance which will also give you the chance to correct anything that needs addressing and at the same time will reduce wasted resources and effort.  Do this weekly – it does not need to be a formal procedure but a regular, quick catch-up pays real dividends.

Question 5 – Are your staff engaged and involved in the business?

Successful managers are transparent managers in that they have effective and meaningful dialogue with their staff on a regular basis. Are your staff fully up to date with organisational developments, plans for the future and the needs of your customers? Do your staff discuss these issues and are they asked for their opinions and input?

The above five questions are not difficult, nor are they hard to factor into your delivery style and completion of your objectives. By following the five questions above and using them with your team/department/organisation will drive greater financial performance and compete aggressively with your competition to gain more of your market.

Start the process now!

Good Luck!

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