Why Organisational Culture Is An Important Success Factor In Management

Why Organisational Culture Is An Important Success Factor In Management

The “feel” of an organisation is a key driver in promoting and boosting employee engagement, retention, performance, morale and satisfaction. This has a direct impact upon performance and output, yet it is something that many managers are not keen to even consider in setting up their operational systems!

Culture can be a somewhat vague concept – the way things are done around here is a basic assessment of how the principle works. There are many different components making up the culture of a department/division/whole organisation.

So, what to do?

  1. Think about the “feel” that you want to create – what is the “mood music” in your area and how does this impact upon your team? A dynamic sales department needs to have an air of moderate competition and accompanying personal competition whereas a department of care professions needs to be set up so that there is an overwhelming feeling of supporting each other and mutual support, often in difficult circumstances.
  2. What can you design and engineer so that staff can motivate each other? A warm and supportive culture coupled with a reward system that recognises personal effort and delivery is likely to be very successful in terms of achieving operational objectives contrasted to an organisation where rewards are all delivered in a top-down approach from senior management.
  3. Promote a culture where creativity comes from a relaxed and “fun” atmosphere. Giving staff freedom to be able to mix work with some aspect of socialising with colleagues when at work pays big dividends for organisations where competitive advantage is an essential in the marketplace. Being able to relax and share experiences and opinions, with good humour, drive a positive and welcoming culture of delivery and innovation.
  4. Have a customer culture within the workplace. Very successful organisations see their employees as the first level of customers on the basis that if this level of customer is happy and content then they will go a long way to pleasing and delivering for your actual customers.

Think carefully about the culture of your organisation – you can be totally sure that your competitors are doing so!

Good Luck!

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