When Postponing Making A Decision Is A Good Thing

When Postponing Making A Decision Is A Good Thing

It is always tempting to make quick decisions and come to conclusions about issues quickly – it looks like we are fully in command of the situation and it always looks good to those around us. Basically we look, and feel, in control BUT the situation is not like that because good decisions come from working through a wide number of different scenarios/solutions until we find the best one!

Holding back or procrastination is a very useful business tool but many managers ignore this in favour of quick decisions and processes which may, or may not, give us the outcome that we want.

The following scenarios are really begging for some measured and effective procrastination:

  1. When you have many projects that are all “live”

Working on a number of different projects at the same time keeps your mind fresh and allows you to reflect on each of them as they move along. This gives you time to allow fresh ideas and different perspectives to emerge which will add to the overall quality of what you are working to achieve. Walking away and giving yourself some space is always a good idea.

  1. Allowing chunks of the project to be deliberately vague

If you set your project in such a way that the beginning and the end of the project are clear, this leaves time for reflection and development of the middle sections, where there will be plenty of opportunity reflection and consideration of many different issues.

Being open-minded will allow you to think in non-linear ways and it will generate new ideas and approaches.

  1. Keeping active

Nothing good happens when we are idle and have too much time on our hands. Working on multiple projects, each with different pressures, content and direction is a healthy position especially if you are able to leave some projects alone for a while to allow you to review progress and plan the next activity.

By procrastinating and deliberately taking your time to get to a decision you will be able to produce better results, improved decision making and a greater sense of satisfaction.

Good Luck!

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