Increasing Staff Motivation And Performance Made Easy

Increasing Staff Motivation And Performance Made Easy

In all organisations, the pressure is on to get the most return from all available resources, which inevitably means maximising the effort and contribution of staff. Traditionally management theory focused unhealthily upon using financial reward as a key means by which to increase effort, application to the task and therefore output and profit.

In these more enlightened times we would all recognise that financial reward alone gets little by way of consistent and sustained results. Much more can be gained from motivational strategies that cost nothing but which deliver good, ongoing performance from the most important resource any organisation has – its staff.

Try using the following pointers to get the real power of a motivated and energised staff group:

  1. Set a vision that staff can believe in. Make sure that the staff fully know and understand what the Mission and Strategy of the organisation is, not merely being able to repeat it parrot-fashion. By having a share and appreciation of what is going on we all can feel part of something bigger than the sum of its individual parts. This is vital in getting your staff out of bed every day and to come to work on Monday ready for the next challenge.
  2. Show some Care. Get to know people and what is important to them. This shows that you value them as individuals and as someone who is important to the organisation. Having a happy workplace increases motivation, boosts morale and gives you a critical edge in a competitive market.
  3. Recognise strong and positive performance. The power of positive feedback and encouragement should never be underestimated in contributions to the proverbial bottom-line. Similarly, positive feedback from customers should always be fed back to your staff. Recognition for work done well is the foundation of good staff management.
  4. Have a reward system using simple gifts that reward performance. This need not be expensive as it is the principle of recognition that has real benefits for staff. Lunch meetings with food supplied and spot gifts for specific performance are cheap, but very powerful, ways of getting additional effort ploughed into tasks.
  5. Be recognised as an employer that aims, wherever possible, to promote from within. Nothing saps energy and enthusiasm as knowing that however good your results as a person, that you will never be promoted in the organisation in favour of “new blood”. Internally promoted staff bring with them lots of experience and knowledge gained from inside the business which is then used positively to manage others.

The common theme in all of these ideas is caring, recognition, rewards and appreciation. Always bear in mind that small steps go a long way.

Good Luck!

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