How Managers Should Use Nudges To Motivate Staff

How Managers Should Use Nudges To Motivate Staff

The single, biggest resource that any organisation has is its staff. Finding staff is hard work, retaining staff can be hard work and losing staff is particularly damaging when they take with them key skills and critical knowledge.

There is a constant drive for Talent in the workplace especially when in a competitive and combative market.

Using the experience of your staff is now essential for corporate success.

This is compounded by the simple fact that the style of the manager is critical in delivering engagement of staff: employees leave their managers, not the organisation itself. Good managers who can effectively “Nudge” staff to improve and develop their skills and behaviour grow organisational success.

A Nudge is defined as a simple suggestion or subtle reminder intended to influence the behaviour of the member of staff concerned. This as a collective approach has a huge impact on overall operational performance and outputs.

Simple texts that push staff a little further pay huge rewards. Reminding staff of targets, focus areas, critical deadlines, quality parameters BUT accompanied with tips and advice.

The more you know and understand the personality and strengths of each of your members of staff the more effective this becomes.

Delivering YOUR Nudge strategy

  1. The cheapest method is to establish email distribution lists for the different engagement focus areas, pre-write and then schedule emails to Nudge your staff, managers included.
  2. Using an automated system that combines mobile phones and emails which can personalise messages and Nudges. This can be built around individual roles, personality, strengths and very importantly, developmental priorities and tasks.

Successful organisations are such because they promote behaviours and operational norms that are often ignored in the rush to sell, make profit, improve quality, etc. Using Nudges reinforces what the organisation is all about whilst fine tuning the experience and development of the individual at the same time.

What Nudges will you set up for your staff, right now?

Good Luck!

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