Management Career Mistakes To Avoid

Management Career Mistakes To Avoid

Nobody is perfect and nobody ever was! Making mistakes is inevitable.

There may well be a difference of scale and impact between different mistakes that you have made – and will make – but mistakes are unavoidable because nobody is that good!

Mistakes are fine, just as long as you learn from them!

Classic mistake areas include the following – try and avoid them if you can!

  1. Playing it safe: nobody really succeeds by just playing it safe and doing what everyone else does. You need to find your passion and work on that which will probably take you away from the tried and trusted approach of conforming to what others expect of you. Playing it safe all of the time is boring and highly unsatisfying.
  2. Being true to yourself: pressure to conform buckles and trashes individuality to such an extent that it can make you into someone you do not want to be! Being someone or something that you are not will make you feel very uncomfortable about yourself and the way in which you react to those around you.
  3. Not asking for help: this will slow down your progress to a snail’s pace in difficult times, especially when developing your skill base and widening your knowledge on topics. Seek help and advice, source a Mentor and never pretend that you do not need help. Everyone does at some point.
  4. Respect the culture and norms of the organisation or context: always sound out what these are and adapt your style/approach so that you do not offend and that you fit in and complement norms and procedures.
  5. Focus on the details: making sure that all of the background checks have been carried out and that everything is in place before signing on the dotted line and moving forward.
  6. Giving up far too easily: if a project fails or if you are unsuccessful in getting the promotion at the first attempt never just give up and throw in the towel! The trick here is to have the resilience to accept that this is a temporary setback and something that will help you in the future to achieve what you really want to achieve.

Never be afraid of making mistakes – they will give you excellent opportunities to review and come back that much stronger the second, or even third, time around!

Good Luck!

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