Managing Organisational Changes And Challenges

Managing Organisational Changes And Challenges

There are many reasons why change comes and how it is felt by the organisation and its management team. This can include the following:

  • changes in technology – is your current technological resources up to the current job? When do you invest in fresh tech and when do you risk just keeping faith with what you have. What are the competition doing in terms of their tech resources?
  • competitors’ activities – what exactly are they up to and what does this mean for your market share and profitability? If you do not know, then find out and quickly!
  • changes in the marketplace – are your customers moving away from you and forging new links with your competitors? Are customer tastes and requirements changing and are you able to keep up with them?
  • changing customer expectations – do your customers now want more from the product or service you are delivering and how easy is it to meet these needs? How easy is it for the competition to meet these needs instead of you?
  • new legislation, regulations or standards – how is changing legislation impacting upon your product or service? Can you still function at a profit taking into account these enforced changes to systems and processes?
  • environmental factors – what are you doing to comply with such changes and how are you managing waste and increasing recycling?
  • financial issues – what is happening to both your Fixed and Variable costs? Are your current systems in danger of becoming unsustainable and when will you need to make tough decisions about maintaining profitability?
  • internal business factors – as the format/size of the business changes and management appointments come and go how is change being felt throughout the organisation? If the business is growing what additions to the structure need to be made? If the business is in decline, what enforced changes are now needed?
  • external business factors – what changes are being felt through the local/regional/national/international economy? How is the business changing its shape and structure to cope with this?


Only by continually scanning and thinking about the way change is impaction upon the business can you ever be aware of change drivers and their implications for the future.


Good Luck!


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