The Top Ten Skills EVERY Manager Needs

The Top Ten Skills EVERY Manager Needs

  1. Clear sense of purpose: knowing what my targets are including making them public with my team, issuing individual targets and team targets accordingly.
  2. Strong values and personal integrity: always delivering on what I say I will do, having a focus to involve staff in decision making and being a reliable and trustworthy colleague.
  3. Commitment to developing others: encouraging staff to achieve their full potential and offering a range of coaching and mentoring opportunities for individuals in my team.
  4. Champion of diversity: valuing the contributions of others and respecting individual differences and perspectives.
  5. Ability to engage and communicate across all levels; delivering considerate, relevant and effective messages both inside and outside the organisation.
  6. Self-awareness and reflection: knowing my own limitations and shortfalls and working hard to overcome them for the benefit of myself and those around me.
  7. Collaboration, networked and non-hierarchical: working in a manner that encourages an open style of management to the benefit of not just myself but others in the wider organisation.
  8. Agile and innovative, technologically curious and savvy; not accepting things the way they are but looking better ways of getting tasks completed and learning continually from both successes and failures.
  9. Personal resilience and grit: being strong in difficult times and recognising that events come along that will be testing and will create stresses but which can actually be positive learning experiences.
  10. Excellent track record of delivery: understanding and working within the metrics and performance measures within the organisation to identify what assessments of performance are critical to my own success and that of my team.

Work consistently to deliver the above in all aspects of your managerial career and you will not go wrong!

Good Luck!

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