Four Deadly Sins Of Poor Management

Four Deadly Sins Of Poor Management

If nothing else, make sure that you do not fall into any one, or more than one, of the following Deadly Sins, all of which guarantee extreme discomfort and failure:

  1. Loss of sight of the importance to continually improve products and services
  2. Ignoring the team and individuals when they suggest ways to increase productivity and offer help in solving problems
  3. Having a focus upon suppliers that offer discounts rather than having a focus upon suppliers that provide real quality
  4. Ignoring maintenance routines and procedures because of cost

Any one of these will lead to your untimely demise – in fact, if you are guilty of any one of them your time is almost certainly up already!

If you are not guilty of any of the Deadly Sins well done – make sure you keep it that way!

Good Luck!

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