Why Is Understanding An Essential Leadership Quality?

Why Is Understanding An Essential Leadership Quality?

Understanding is an essential human quality and is vital in the skillset of a successful manager.

Understanding means the ability to systematically and carefully listen and respond in an appropriate way in any situation, however difficult or challenging. It is also intimately linked to promoting high commitment and cooperation with the team.

So, why should you try to develop and nurture your understanding skills?

  1. It generates staff loyalty

Understanding increases trust, a sense that staff are valued and cared about. This has a direct impact upon staff retention because, after all, recruiting and replacing staff is a huge cost coupled with the effect of staff leaving with key knowledge, expertise and competence.

  1. It generates higher levels of staff engagement

Showing that you care is a major force in securing staff that are motivated and committed to the work of the organisation. This is then reciprocated back through greater engagement, higher quality and lower staff turnover.

  1. It generates a better team spirit

When understanding is demonstrated at the top, it is passed down throughout the organisation, resulting in an increase in teamwork, a decrease in staff conflict, and a decrease in workplace disruption. This collaboration will result in better coordinated work effort and increased productivity.

  1. Staff will be happier

Staff that are understood and appreciated feel more satisfied with their work and as a result miss fewer days on the job and absenteeism will fall. This has a direct impact upon morale and output.

  1. Staff will be more creative

Staff who know and understand they are part of an organisation and feel heard and appreciated tend to risk more and look for ways to add increased value in their work. They are more likely to put time and energies coming up with new ideas, processes, and methods to improve their own work and to drive things forward.

Showing understanding pays dividends for everyone.

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