Monday Morning To Do List

Monday Morning To Do List

Monday brings with it many different emotions, not all of them positive or good.

Approaching Monday with a plan of what to do makes all the difference in grabbing the week ahead and setting out goals and targets

Try the following simple steps to set out your path.

  1. Figure out what is essential and what is not

Decide from the tasks that you have what can be eliminated and what software might help you out. Identify what is really important and what can either be delegated or just ignored.

  1. Break your tasks down into smaller, specific parts

Big tasks always look daunting and starting out. The scale of the task looks daunting so it is important to break tasks down into small chunks.

Small chunks that are achieved increase your motivation and will spur you on – big tasks remain just that, and are source of frustration and demotivation.

  1. Write a project-specific, rather than day-specific, to-do list

Using a daily to-do list can be demotivating. You are just writing a list which will probably just grow and get more demotivating.

Go for working with project-specific to-do lists. This will help you use scraps of time effectively and to get the most from your time.

  1. Focus on doing one item, and then clear out the rest of your day

Put your attention onto one big item and get on with dealing with it. Oncde completed you can move onto the smaller tasks that otherwise would have taken up your valuable time.

Monday need not be the demon you think it is!

Good Luck!

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