Are You Obsessed With Results?

Are You Obsessed With Results?
A total fixation on profitability and the performance at the Bottom Line is a limiting factor in organisational health and ultimately organisational growth.
The need to have high performance at individual and team level has never been greater and this puts an almost obsessional focus onto financial performance and return on investments. The focus of a short-sighted compulsion to always look at the bottom line is not what organisations are all about.
Rather than just feeding that obsession the focus should also be upon the following areas:

1. Trust people and hold people accountable
Staff want to perform well, do a good job and make a contribution. That is the basic assumption about staff at work and one that is true for the vast majority of staff.
This is also about setting clear goals and targets and managing performance by providing feedback and reinforcing desired behaviours. The key is balance; too much emphasis on the bottom line and not enough on the employee’s experience, the result will likely be low performance. Staff will not work to their potential if they consider that the management does not care or understand them.
2. It is all about outcomes and not methods
Focus on what needs to get done and not the way it gets done. Let your staff do the work to achieve the targets and lust get out of the way – it is not your job to do the work!
3. Organise work so that staff are doing what they like to do
If staff love what they are doing, they will always produce high quality outcomes. Whilst this may not be possible all of the time it is an essential management tool to use and refine.
4. Deliver strong staff development opportunities
Training and development opportunities give staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise. A career path gives a focus and if there are no direct promotional opportunities then set up some project leadership opportunities to develop more advanced skills.
Never be satisfied with just the financial performance of the organization: the bigger picture is how solid financial performance is actually achieved!
Good Luck!
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