5 Essential Soft Skills For Management Success

5 Essential Soft Skills For Management Success

Leadership is not about power – it is about working with people and developing practical systems that allow you to make a positive impact and to have a positive influence.

Very positive and highly impressive results can be obtained when you earn the trust of those around you and when you empower staff to deliver what is needed. Allowing staff to trust their judgement on matters and for them to use the expertise that they have, and which you do not have, is a critical issue here.

So, what Soft Skills should you be prioritizing going forward?


This is a vitally important skill that you need to practice and develop continually. Take time to hear what people have to say without wanting to answer right away or provide them with advice. Look beyond the words, and look for other cues such as body language, and use eye contact to be fully engaged in the conversation.


Recognise and admit that you do not always have the answer and learn to be comfortable with the unknown. This means listening and welcoming feedback which may not always be what you want it to be!


Empathy allows you to put yourself in another person’s shoes and understand what they are going through. Learn to recognise and understand the problems that others are facing and how that makes them feel: this will pay huge dividends in the long-run and will ensure the support and trust of others.


Vulnerability is not easy for many as we intuitively feel that this shows weakness. However, showing some vulnerability is a very good way to build relationships as by opening up about your fears and concerns will encourage others to open up to you and share their concerns and worries. This also involves being open about not knowing all of the answers and invites others to share their views on problems or issues freely and in comfort.


Honesty is essential to build trust with others and gives them the confidence to be honest with you as well. This links closely to Vulnerability and the need to be open in your dealings.

In practicing the 5 Skills above make sure that you regularly ask and receive feedback, making sure that feedback comes from your direct reports, peers and superiors at all times.

Good Luck!

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