8 Key Management Questions That Every Manager Needs to Ask

8 Key Management Questions That Every Manager Needs to Ask

  1. What is our share of the Market?

How is my organisation/department exploiting the market we are in and how are we performing regarding our range of products and services, markets, distribution, pricing, customer loyalty and satisfaction?

  1. Does my organisation/department welcome and pioneer Innovation?

Are we working consistently to reach new marketing goals, working with technology to sharpen our Offer, using new processes and procedures to improve what we do and making sure that our organisational shape is as effective and efficient as it can be?

  1. How Productive are we?

Do we really use all of our resources as well as we can? Where can we get more leverage? Are we maximising our revenue or just playing at it?

  1. Are we making maximum use of our physical and financial resources?

Are we satisfied that our plant, machines, offices, supply of capital and budgeting, planning for the money that is needed and the provision of supplies as good as they can be?

  1. Are we Profitable?

Are we working to our anticipated forecasts and anticipated timescales, is our capital investment policy effective and are we using the correct yardsticks for the measurement of profitability?

  1. Are we investing in management performance and development?

Do we have the right training for all grades of management and team leading staff? Is our management structure allowing us to grow and are there changes that are needed to accomplish this?

  1. What is staff morale like?

What are our industrial relations like and how can we get staff to work more collaboratively?

  1. Are we acting responsibly?

Do we have a positive relationship with all of our customers, stakeholders and partners? What are we doing to meet our responsibilities to society and the wider public interest?

It is only by asking difficult and searching questions that we will be able to move the organisation forward: similarly asking these questions at Departmental level will sharpen up your contribution to the wider organisation.

Good Luck!

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