4 Uncomfortable Truths About Management Failings

4 Uncomfortable Truths About Management Failings

Management is all about being very aware of the latest trends and the movements and fluctuations in the market that you are trying to get a strong foothold into.

Lots of effort goes into lots of different projects and lots of hours are consumed trying to secure revenue and in being different from the competition.

All very noble.

Despite all of this effort businesses still fail because they ignore 4Uncomfortable truths that permeate every business in every sector. These are:

  1. Loss of consistently in improving products or services: just being happy, and accepting, the quality of what you are providing now without any concern or wish to develop things for the better.
  2. Ignoring the staff who make the products/provide the service because, as management, you know better than those who are actually doing the job!
  3. Searching out a range of suppliers who give discounts rather than sourcing suppliers who can guarantee quality in what they do.
  4. Ignoring planned and routine maintenance because this costs too much: totally wrong but very tempting.

Difficult though it might be (especially number 3) make sure that you avoid all of the above to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Or you could just carry on doing what you are doing – and wait for the inevitable.

Good Luck!

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