Three Top Motivational Tips

Three Top Motivational Tips

A happy employee is a productive employee – a statement that will never change and which will always be true. The trick is to consistently provide sources of motivation, even for your star players.

What makes this even more important for successful organisations is that the expectation of employees has steadily risen as they seek far more than just a pay packet – it is all about satisfying their career expectations, delivering training opportunities and coming up with interesting and challenging activities to keep them focused and engaged. Of course, you could just ignore this and let your staff become demotivated and leave, taking experience and skills with them.

It’s up to you really.

Motivated staff who contribute to the business are excited and engaged in three main ways:

They understand the Mission and how they fit into it

Do your staff really understand the overriding goal of your company? Is this mirrored in how you recruit staff so that new employees will fit into the Mission, rather than just hiring someone to plug a gap?

The importance of the Mission should be communicated often and in the right amount of detail: this will stop the feeling that staff are operating in the dark or in a vacuum.

The unique skills of staff are recognised and used

Staff want to use their unique balance and range of skills to benefit their employer as this brings with it strong feelings of job satisfaction and personal motivation. Often this does not happen because of the thrust to produce, or to sell, or whatever other tasks get in the way of finding out exactly what staff know and what they can deliver.

Staff can and do make an impact

We all want to be recognised and recognition for tasks accomplished brings with it a strong motivational push. On the other hand, staff who are busy toiling away, doing a good job but who get no recognition for it will quickly become demotivated and question what they are working towards.

This process can be helped dramatically by being transparent about performance and delivery: share data, publicise successes and celebrate big and small organisational wins.

While work is not always about glamour and success, much can be done to lift spirits and encourage greater effort by following the pointers above.

Good Luck!

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