How To Generate Staff Engagement

How To Generate Staff Engagement

It’s all about impact. The problem is that thought we never see the full impact of what we do, the damage we create and the amount of work we create for others.

What we do need to do is create an engagement approach that inspires others to take actions that they would not have done on their own. Does your style and approach, and the way in which you engage others, make or break a person’s decision to stay or leave?

Of course it does!

The most important working relationship that staff ever have is with their immediate line manager and this is the most striking cause of high, costly staff turnover.

The trick here is to make sure that you have a good grasp on what makes for a productive working relationship – following the pointers below should help you move in the right direction:

So, what are some simple ways to begin to engage more productively?

  1. Ask for feedback on what you do that is good and what needs to improve.

The first step is to discover how others see you, typically through a 360-degree leadership assessment. This helps you understand perceptions about the persona you present to others —the attitudes and behaviours your demeanour sets in motion.

Once done you then set yourself an Action Plan that builds upon increasing your awareness and improving your response to the findings: this may not be an easy process but if you persevere with it you will gain many positives from the process.

  1. Polish your skills around having difficult and challenging conversations.

Conflict should be dealt with as soon as practically possible. This should be done swiftly but clinically with just the facts and without any emotion. Not easy but essential. This means refining and sharpening your skills so that the process does not create collateral damage where things get worse rather than better and the issues that you tried to resolve linger on. Develop a more polished and effective way of doing things.

  1. Be brutally honest and admit to your mistakes!

We all make mistakes but how many of us own up to them, even celebrate them as learning for ourselves and others? Just admit it if things go wrong and apologise to those who have been wronged or inconvenienced, making sure that you will not make the same mistakes again. Nobody sees arrogance as an attractive feature.

People will work hard and will be dedicated to a manager that they love and respect, staying late and working hard for someone who can shape them into a unit that can achieve and complete objectives.

That is you, isn’t it?

Good Luck!

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