Leadership Skills For Success Right Now

Leadership Skills For Success Right Now

Leadership is not about living, behaving and being like a superhero! Leaders are people and have a responsibility to other people.

One key question to ask yourself is what people think of you in your role. Are you too self-centred for your own good? Do you define yourself by your own skills and abilities, levels of competence and knowledge rather than what the job dictates that you do?

Uncomfortable questions with uncomfortable answers.

Are you guilty of excessive self-love?

Many leaders focus upon three key areas of performance which only go a little way to making a difference where they are operating:

  • Checklist Leadership: leadership is just about following a list of skills and attributes that other leaders have used in the past. Leadership is just about following a formula.
  • Recognition Leadership: leaders alone generate results and deliver performance with little, if any, help from partners and others in the business.
  • Results Leadership: leadership is just about driving staff to specific outcomes, nothing more and nothing less.

What does this mean for today’s Leaders?

  1. Having a leadership style that is all about the leaser is flawed: this generates high levels of demotivation amongst the very people that you need to inspire to deliver. This also limits collaboration and buy-in to the corporate goals and objectives because everyone needs to be involved in getting things done, so that everyone can prosper.
  2. Leadership style should evolve as the working environment changes and develops. This is all about creating value and worth that all can contribute towards. If your leadership style builds relationships then collaboration and collective effort will grow, which is always more productive than a divide and rule style from the top.
  3. Devolve power as much as possible. You cannot have all the answers and you should not be making all the decisions. Empower staff to make the right decisions at the right time for the organisation to be successful.
  4. Work consistently towards building the skills, knowledge and capability of your team. Encourage and motivate staff to develop them and correct behaviour when this is not in the right direction, which must be done in private with an appropriate and caring explanation.
  5. Recognise luck and circumstance when it helps you. Results are never a guarantee and may come about even if your best plans and skills have been found to be wanting.

The trick for success is to keep learning to be better for the long term while recognising that successful leadership is all about being hands-off.

Good Luck!

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