How To Build Connections As A Manager

How To Build Connections As A Manager

Managers who are aloof and distant are poor managers.

They are poor managers because they are not harnessing the power and full competence of their staff and are choosing to ignore the positives that come from being able to relate and understand the most important ingredient in the management equation – the people you employ who provide the service/make the product/interface with the customer/are the human face of your business.

Respect and loyalty are critical factors in getting the most from your staff but these qualities are hard-won and easily lost.

So, what is the best plan for achieving commitment from your people assets?

  • Invest time to connect with people at all levels in the organisation. Make sure that you take time out to just wander around and meet with staff that you might not ordinarily circulate with. Speak to staff to understand their experiences and ideas, especially around what the organisation can do to make their tasks easier. Find out what resources staff need and if possible, provide them.
  • Focus upon the morale of the workforce. A motivated workforce is a critical advantage in a competitive marketplace so try to find out what small and often low or nil-cost changes you can make to inspire and motivate your staff. Often such small changes have little or no cost but bring significant changes in delivery and quality.
  • Provide reassurance at times when the organisation is struggling or when changes must be made. Keeping cool and objective in difficult times will calm your staff and be a source of renewed optimism going forward.
  • Show genuine concern for your staff and the issues that they find are getting in the way of completing their tasks. Never forget about your origins and how you got into management. Empathy goes a very long way in making staff feel valued and that the work they are doing has relevance and significance.

Taking time to think positively and to act proactively in meeting with and working with staff will bring big rewards – if you do this systematically and carefully and on a regular basis.

Good Luck!

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