10 Simple Steps To Management Success

10 Simple Steps To Management Success

How can you be a success in your managerial career?

Try the following steps to develop your skills, get noticed and be a manager that people want to work for:

  1. Know what you are talking about: know what your organisation does, and what your department does. This need not be all of the technical and complex stuff – you pay people to be technical experts and you are not one of these. Having a good grasp of what is going on this will generate trust and confidence among your staff.
  2. Be committed to the work. Have, and show, a desire and drive to succeed which makes the difference between an excellent leader and an also-ran leader.
  3. Be self-aware. Pay attention to your words and actions, operating with self-alignment and behave with integrity at all times. If you give your word, and make promises, make sure that you keep to them.
  4. Focus upon your staff and show a high level of care for them. See people as individuals and see what they can deliver for you.
  5. Develop your staff so that they apply themselves and develop their strengths to achieve their objectives. Work to set challenges that stretch and develop people who then contribute more to the business.
  6. Listen. Listen a lot and never stop listening. Listen twice as you speak. Listening is a very good way to learn what is going on. This will help you to suspend judgement rather than diving into an issue and then having the regret of wishing you had held back.
  7. They some perspective. Recognise that not everything is important and that it is far better to reflect before acting on what might seem to be a crisis.
  8. Provide a vision for staff to work towards. Make it clear what the target actually is and how each member of the team can contribute to this. This also includes setting a direction and never dictating details – let the team decide how to get to the target themselves. Above all else make it easy for the staff to get their work done.
  9. Be grateful for the effort and application of others. Say thank you and mean it.
  10. Work to the bigger goal. It is never about you or your targets it is always about the wider corporate goals that everyone should be working towards.

Good Luck!

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