10 Expert Ways To Sell

10 Expert Ways To Sell

Selling successfully does not need to include tricks or gimmicks as part of the process – the most effective and efficient rules of selling are always found in the basics of the task.

Really good sales performance and ongoing valued relationships can be secured by following the Rules below:

  1. Ask The Right Questions

Right from the start never try to sell immediately. Ask the right questions to determine what areas of the customer’s business can be improved upon. Use those answers and then offer value that is relevant to the products or services you are representing.

  1. Focus On Customer Goals

Always keep the customer’s vision and goals at the core and then providing an apt solution and documents around the solution. Anything else is just hot air and will get you nowhere.

  1. Add Real Value

What meaningful and measurable value are you offering to your prospective customer? If the value outweighs the cost to the customer, they are likely to buy from you. Real value speaks volumes!

  1. Offer and deliver total Honesty

In any business relationship, honesty should be the only tried-and-true tactic. Explain what the customer can expect to gain from your product or service and the value it brings BUT never add a falsehood into the conversation to try to get a sale – this will only backfire on you and scupper any further sales or relationship. Being honest will always give you an “in” at a later date.

  1. Maintain Your Integrity

In all honesty, not every product or service is right for every customer. Never forget the value associated with putting the needs and interests of your customers above all else. Gains in terms of integrity and professionalism will always generate sales and good relationships further down the line. Relationships built on trust are the key to not only sales, but also referrals, recommendations and growth.

  1. Educate Your Customer

Be a free Consultant! Always work to educate and address business problems and difficult situations faced by the buyer – in this way you will always be welcome and a valued source of information, guidance and support.

  1. Don’t Talk, Just Listen

The best sales tactic is to let the prospect do all the talking. This is always far better than diving in with an enthusiastic and passionate pitch: by just listening you give that prospect a feeling of importance and show them that you are there to help, not just close a deal. By listening to the prospect, they will freely give you the information that will help in crafting the right solution to help them.

  1. Be Authentic

Authenticity and your honest excitement about your product or service are the key to successful sales. Genuine excitement is contagious, and if you put your potential customer in a good mood with your authentic excitement, they will be excited to try your product or service.

  1. Make Sure to Follow Up

Follow up. This often gets overlooked in favour of the thrill of the presentation and explanation of the product or service. This is a broad and often personalised part of the sales process so you will need to develop your own style and approach here – BUT always remember that no follow up means lost sales!

  1. Use visuals as much as possible

Let the product do the talking – buyers remember images and not words so the more practical you can make the demonstration the easier it will be to make a sale. There is no reason why this cannot be done on social media and then used when you are face-to-face with the buyer but whatever the situation always factor in a visual aspect to any presentation.

Good Luck!

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