The Art Of Being Seriously Impressive

The Art Of Being Seriously Impressive

Some people are far better than others at influencing and working with those around them. Some people draw others to them through a range of different methods and strategies while others try very hard to do this and achieve very little for their efforts. A third group have no luck whatsoever in the people processes in any context.

Thing is, which are you?

Whatever your self-assessment tells you it is possible to develop and fine-tune this skill. It is all about control.

Nobody wants to be the person who brings a dark cloud into the room and everyone wants to be the person who always manages to ask the right questions, always finds a way to lift and encourage, always finds a way to help people focus and collaborate to serve the common cause with purpose and enthusiasm.

You can develop the Art of being Seriously Impressive and use this to your advantage.

  1. What level of energy do you bring into a room? What is your intention when entering a meeting, discussion or just the office? This sets your tone which everyone will pick up on especially if the mood or undercurrent in the room is flat and challenging. In this circumstance the Seriously Impressive manager or person will want to understand why the mood is low, set about raising morale and motivation and then shift the tone to something more productive.
  2. What is your Integrity level like? Do you arrive on time, finish on time and systematically deliver on what you have promised to do? Are you honest and are you aware of those around you who do not follow your approach and are not committed to what you want to deliver?
  3. What language do you use? Seriously Impressive people are aware of their language and the impact it has? Using energetic and emotionally intelligent language is a key success factor: positive but clean and plain language goes a long way towards a positive impression as does the regular use of evaluative words and phrases that actually convey your expertise and skill. Language has an energetic and emotional impact.
  4. How do you take care of yourself? Making sure that you feel well is a key part of the inner drive that successful people have. This also includes maintaining boundaries and making sure that Yes and no really do mean yes and no!
  5. What are your priorities? Being clear about what you want to achieve and what success looks like for you is vital here, along with communicating this message carefully and skilfully.
  6. Are you in the moment? Is your approach tailored to the exact circumstances that you find yourself within? This has to be about the here and now and not framed in the past or in some idealised concept of what the future might hold.
  7. How good are you at making your “vibe” infectious in others? Your positive attributes and approach to issues can be a contagious process, inspiring others to new and better ways of thinking and tackling issues, Accountability is contagious, as is requesting and suggesting and looking to be a part of the solution, as is being present, positive, curious, gracious, calm and signing up to a cause worth delivering for.

We all are able to change the feel and atmosphere of any conversation or context and create a positive environment: Seriously Impressive people do this continually.

Being Seriously Impressive is a positive choice – are you ready to make that choice?

Good Luck!

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