What Personal Managerial Agility Looks Like

What Personal Managerial Agility Looks Like

Managers with the following Agile skills are highly likely to be successful in the organisations where they work – do you have these skills too?

  1. People Agility: managers who know themselves well and understand what makes them function, learning systematically from experience, treat others with respect, treat others constructively and can keep calm and focused when pressures arrive and change threatens working practices.
  2. Results agility: managers who get results under tough and challenging conditions, who inspire others to perform well beyond what is normally expected of them and have a presence that builds confidence in others.
  3. Mental agility: manager who can think through problems from a fresh perspective and who are comfortable dealing with complexity, ambiguity and selling their vision to sceptical audiences.
  4. Change agility: managers who challenge accepted wisdom, are curious, like to develop new and different scenarios and who systematically work to develop their skills.

Good Luck!

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